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              The magnetic reactor mixer is powerful, but the structure is simple. The magnetic reactor has highlighted its advantages in a wide range of applications. Let's take a look at the introduction to the structure of a magnetic reaction vessel. It is mainly composed of six parts, such as magnetic reaction kettle, kneading part, magnetic reaction kettle, machine base, hydraulic system, transmission system, vacuum system and electric control system.



              The kneading part is composed of a cylinder block, a pulp shaft, a wall plate, a cylinder head, etc.. The hydraulic system is operated by a hydraulic station to control two small oil cylinders and two large oil cylinders to perform the functions of opening and closing the big cap and changing the mixing cylinder. The system design pressure is 7.0Mpa.

              The electric control system has manual and automatic electric control system, which can be chosen by users at will


                磁力反應釜在傳動過程中,可由電機同步轉速,經彈性聯軸器至減速機后,由輸出裝置傳動快漿,使其達到規定的轉速,也可由變頻器進行調速。捏合機可制成普通型、壓力型、真空型、高溫型四種,調溫形式采用夾套、蒸汽、油 捏合機加熱、水冷卻等方法,采用液壓翻缸及啟蓋。出料方式有液壓、翻缸傾倒、球閥出料,螺桿擠壓、液壓翻板出料等。并可通過PLC實時控制及記錄生產中的溫度、時間、粘度等相關數據。缸體及漿葉與物料接觸部分均采用不銹鋼、合金鋼、錳鋼等材質制成,確保產品質量。

              The driving system of a magnetic reaction kettle is composed of an electric motor, a speed reducer and a gear, and a motor is matched according to the kneading machine type.

              In the course of transmission, the magnetic reaction kettle can be synchronous rotating speed by the motor, and then it is driven by the output device through the elastic coupling to the speed reducer, so that it can reach the required speed, and also can be regulated by the frequency converter. The kneading machine can be made into four kinds of common type, pressure type, vacuum type and high temperature type. The temperature regulating type adopts a jacket, steam, oil kneading machine, heating and water cooling, etc. the hydraulic inverted cylinder and the opening cover are adopted. The discharging method includes hydraulic pressure, tilting cylinder dumping, ball valve discharging, screw extruding, hydraulic turning, plate discharging and so on. And through PLC real-time control and record the production of temperature, time, viscosity and other related data. The cylinder body, the pulp and the material contact parts are made of stainless steel, alloy steel, manganese steel and so on, so as to ensure the quality of the products












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